Historical sources:
Madame Sidney Pratten, A biographical sketch, Extract from "The Gentlewoman"
Giulia Pelzer, Memoires
Harrison, Frank Mott, Remeniscences of Madame Sidney Pratten, 1899 PDF
Her graveyard in London

Books and articles:
Lindmeier, Hannah , A skilful teacher, Üben und Musizieren 4/17
Lindmeier, Hannah, Die Gitarre- ein Fraueninstrument des 19.Jahrhunderts PDF
Nistico, Daniel, Madame Sidney Pratten
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IMSLP ( American air, Eventide, Forgotten, Sadness, A lost love, Weary, A Lament, Sehnsucht, guitar school)
Guitar school (Hudleston collection)

Printed editions:
Romances sin palabras Piles Editorial
Carnaval de Venise Piles Editorial

Pictures on Pinterest:
Madame Sidney Pratten

Women composers links:
Archiv Frau und Musik
Women of the classical guitar ( luthiers and composers)
Women of the classical guitar ( performers)

CD reviews:
Ulrich Wedemeier, The velvet touch

The Catalogue of guitar works: The list!

Guitar schools:
Guitar Tutor, Boosey and Co. (1881)
Instruction for the Guitar tuned in E-major
Learning the guitar,  Williams and Pelzer

Works for solo guitar:
Caprice for the guitar
4 Pieces
8 Pieces
8 Pieces ( dedicated to Josiah Andrew Hudleston and Mrs. Hudleston)
A Sunbeam
Air and Brillliant with variations ( dedicated to the Duchess of Hamilton)
Air by Mozart with variations ( dedicated to Miss Catherine Carr)
Air with Variations ( dedicated to Miss G. Hanbury Tracy)
Clouds, Rain and Sunshine
College Hornpipe
D. of Cambridge's Grand MArch ( dedicated to Miss Butt)
Dance Fantastique
Dance of the Witches
Dreaming of Thee
Evening Song
Fantasia sobre motivos de Lucia ( formerly attributed to Francisco Tarrega, but original work by MSP)
Farewell to the old year
Favorite Airs ( dedicated to Miss Dent)
Home sweet home with variations
Hungarian March
La donna e mobile, ma Normandie ( dedicated to Lady Magnay)
Lord Raglan's March ( dedicated to Lady John Somerset)
March of the fairies
Melange on Scotch Airs
Oh, Susannah, with variations ( dedicated to the Duchess of Sutherland)
On Irish Airs ( Divertimento) ( dedicated to Lady Grace Vandeleur)
On Portuguese Airs ( Div.) ( dedicated to Miss Sarah Carr)
On Scoth Airs ( Div.) ( dedicated to Miss Fanny Moore)
On Welch  Airs (Div.)(dedicated to Miss Emma Atcherly)
Peasant's dance
Portugues and French (Div.) ( dedicated to Miss Hughes)
Preludes and Pieces
Rambling Thoughts
Reverie  (dedicated to Mrs. Tothill)
Sacred Selctions ( dedicated to Mrs. Carr)
Sea Saw
Serenade (dedicated to Miss Millicent F. van Notten Pole)
Spanish Dance
Tears and Scherzo ( dedicated to Mrs. Francis Koe)
Three Marches ( dedicated to Viscontess Valentina)
Treue Liebe
Two Marches ( dedicated to Mrs. Hammond)
Two original melodies ( dedicated to Miss Went)
Valse espagnole ( dedicated to Miss Dunkin)
Various ( dedicated to Mrs. Coulson)
Various ( dedicated to Miss Louisa Montagu)
Various ( dedicated to Mrs. Landers)
Various ( dedicated to Mrs. Robertson)
Woodland and Stream
First Divertimento ( dedicated to Lady John Somerset)

In her order of publishing:
No.2 Divertimento in E
No.7 Flora Waltz ( Divertimento)
No.5 Divertimento  ( Guitar in E)
No.10 German Air with Variations ( Guitar in E)
No.22 Divertissement ( La donna e mobile, Ma Normandie)
No.26 Serenade
No.29 Valse espagnole
No.30 1. Divertissement
No.31 Carneval of Venice
No.33 Variations on Balfe's Bohemian girl and two original airs
No.35 Melange on Scottish Airs Nr.1
No.36 Melange on Scottish Airs Nr.2
No.37 Divertissement
No.43 God save the Queen
No.48 Villikins with variations
No.56 Military March
No.57 Preludes
No.58 Hungarian March
No.59 Indian March
No.60 Treue Liebe
No.60A Kelpie's Dance
No.62 Malbrook Variations
No.71 Fairy Sketches
No.72 Sehnsucht and Weary
No.74 Evening Song
No.75 Dreaming of you
No.76 The Coquette
No.77 Forgotten
No.78 Eventide
No.80 Elfin's reveles
No.82 Spanish romance
No.83 Dance of the witches
No.89 Spanish dance
No.90 Wayward
No.91 Sadness
No.92 A lost love
No.93 A Lament
No.115 Clouds, rain and sunshine

Works for two guitars:
4 Duets
4 Pieces
Danish March
Three Duets

Works for three and more guitars:

Works for piano and guitar:
Absence ( dedicated to Seonorita Dona Bernarda Turnbull)
German March

Songs with guitar:
Four Italian songs ( dedicated to Miss Chichester)
Four Swiss songs ( dedicated to Miss Harriet Wilberfore Bird)
Selection of Ewer's Gems of German Songs ( dedicated to Miss Jane L.E. Wilson)
Six Scotch Songs ( dedicated to Miss Elphingston)
Six Songs ( dedicated to  Lady Agneta Yorke)
Six Songs ( dedicated to Lady Dinorben)
Song for guitar
Songs of Nations ( dedicated to Duchess od Wellington)
Three French Songs ( dedicated to Contess Ferrers)
Three Neapolitan Songs ( dedicated to Miss Stapleston)
Twelve Songs and Duets ( dedicated to Mary and Albinia Brodrick)


Music dedicated to Madame Sidney Pratten:

Regondi, Giulio,  10 Etudes ( no official dedication but according to Matanya Ophee: "given as a present to her")
Schulz, Leonhard, The last compositions
Shand, Ernest, Marcia funebre